Super Simple Ways To Drive Higher Engagement In Your Sales Funnel
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Getting visitors to engage with you and your brand while in your sales funnel is a very effective way to make them want to buy your product, and indeed, the upsells. But how can you get the visitors to engage with you and your brand?

Customer engagement is one of the wonders of modern technology and sales funnels.

Long gone are the days when you just poured in leads from the other end of the funnel and hoped they would go all the way through to the purchase.

And in those days, you wouldn’t even think about interacting with the customer after they’ve made the purchase, because what would the point be in that?

I’m glad and excited to see that those days are finally completely over when it comes to marketing, sales and sales funnels.

The modern marketer understands the need for engagement when it comes to visitors because it not only strengthens your brand but makes the visitor click with you on a personal level.

And that’s where the sales start coming from.

Let’s take a little drive around engagement town and see if we couldn’t get your customer engagement levels to skyrocket after we’ve taken four super simple steps to perfect your customer engagement efforts.
#1 "Facebook Groups"
Admit it, you’re in at least one Facebook group yourself.

Hey, there’s nothing to be ashamed of there, they’re awesome. But I bet you didn’t think you could make them even better by utilizing them in your customer engagement efforts, did you?

Let’s think about this for a moment here.

The most popular social network that has over 1.65 billion active user monthly, out of whom 54% access Facebook only on their mobile devices. That means there’s a huge potential to reach all types of audiences there.

Then let’s look at the more personal way to reach people on Facebook, the groups themselves.

With thousands of groups consisting of millions of people altogether, sharing information and everything else with each other inside their groups, what would be a better way to spike the engagement between your brand and your customer than a Facebook group?

They’re already popular, well-liked places to share stuff with like-minded people, and that is where you can tap in.

Now you basically have a choice between joining existing groups or creating your own brand specific group, but hey, why not do both?

For example, if you’re a WordPress expert, you could join these 20 great Facebook groups related to WordPress and create your own Facebook group as well. By becoming the most helpful and awesome person in the groups, you can gather quite the following.

Then there’s the part about you sharing your fantastic content with them, which they’ll love and engage with, and that way you can grow your brand’s and website’s popularity as well.

And before you know it, they people in your group will be eating out of your hand.
#2 "Personalizing emails based on actions"
As humans we all love personalized attention, especially from a party, you wouldn’t expect in from or in a situation you don’t expect it in.

One of the simplest ways to give that attention and that way engage with your customers is by email.

It starts with simple yet effective steps, such as segmenting your list and personalizing your email signature, and goes all the way to tracking the actions of your landing page’s visitors and personalizing a message to each specific action.

For example in ClickFunnels, you can track your visitors’ actions and create triggers based on their actions.

If they click play on your video but never go as far as making the purchase, why not send them an email to ask them their opinion about the video? Afterwards, you can get them back on their track in your sales funnel by recommending them to purchase the product.

This is a very simplified example to show you the possibilities of personalized emails that trigger based on the customers actions, but to also show you how simple it is to get started with them.

And they really, really do work well, with a 152% higher opening rate than that of traditional emails.

The best part about personalized emails? 70% of the brands in the world fail to use them, which means customers aren’t too likely to be receiving better-personalized emails from anyone yet, so you have a chance to be the first (and the best!) brand in their books.

Perfect opportunity for you!
#3 "Retargeting based on actions within your Sales Funnel"
Behavioral retargeting, in all its simplicity, means that you will be shown ads based on your behavior.

The most common user of behavioral retargeting is Google, as their advertising engine provides you with the most relevant advertisements based on your search history and current searches.

Looking for something to help you get up in the morning? You can be sure there’s an advertisement about alarm clocks somewhere in there.

But we’ll take this one step further, without actually making it more difficult.

Let’s say you have a visitor in your sales funnel, and they’ve just downloaded your free eBook. They absolutely love it, but for one reason or the other, they never make it back to your sales funnel to head towards that purchase that is awaiting in the end.

Now with behavioral retargeting of ads, you can help them get right back there, and at the exact same spot. By tracking the progress of your users through the funnel, it’s easy for you to different setup ads for different stages of your funnel.

Haven’t downloaded the free eBook yet? That’s cool, but you really should, here’s an ad showing you the free eBook.

Downloaded the eBook, but never came back to read more about our solution to the problem highlighted in the book? That’s okay, here’s an ad to continue straight from where you left off.

By not forcing your customers to start all over again, as you would by running the same ad for everyone that just drops them in at the top of the funnel, you’ll make a far better impression on your customers.

And you know what else? You engage with them.

The customers realize you wish to help them by pointing out what they really need, and that way you create brand loyalty amongst your newly engaged with customers.
#4 "Adding Live Chat"
Live chat has quickly become very popular amongst visitors and businesses alike because it provides a simple and effective way for your visitors to contact you and for you to reply to them.

And let’s not forget that you get a chance to affect their purchase decision directly, which is awesome.

Live chat in itself is a fairly straight-forward concept so I won’t keep blabbing on about it too much, but I will quickly cover the benefits and the best tools to integrate it in your sales funnel.

Let’s start with the fact that 44% of the customers in a Forrester Research study said that being able to ask questions in the middle of the purchase process was one of the most important factors in closing the sale.

An study then found out that over 63% of people were more likely to return to a site with a live chat option and to purchase again from them, with 38% of the respondents saying that live chat was a major factor in their consideration.

Those two arguments combined with the fact that there really aren't that many businesses using live chat yet it provides you with a golden opportunity to engage your visitors via live chat, help them with their questions and banish their second thoughts by closing the sale effectively and right on the spot.

Personally we love Live-Chat and use it on all of our websites!
In Conclusion
Now that you’ve been introduced to the different ways you can improve your customer engagement and make your sales climb higher than ever before, it’s only a matter of you taking action and making these things a part of your sales funnel.
If you need help with marketing online or building intelligent funnels to generate leads, convert sales and create raving fans for your business, we can help. Simply click the "get a quote" button below and then schedule a 30-minute strategy session so we can give you a blueprint for being successful online based on our experience of "what's working now" in the world of online marketing and advertising.

To your success, 
Bryan Zurawski
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